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About Us

Jandexa International LLC was started back in 2006. Coming from a Corporate background of 16 years in the technology industry, we saw a fundamental problem with how consumer issues with technology are handled. So in order to help change this we decided to go into business for ourselves.

Our Story

Technology has significantly changed over the last 16 years we have been involved. I began my career as a design engineer focusing on how to use the software necessary to complete my projects. This would include Office Suites such as Word and Excel to using email programs such as Novell GroupWise and Outlook. During my years as an Engineer I progressively became interested in the backside of the software process (How to install and configure programs to operate correctly). As I learned this process I began to take more of an interest in the hardware side as well. This all soon led to me actually becoming the System Administrator for the Engineering Department.

This was at a time when it was becoming very clear that in order to maintain employment individuals had to have a diverse set of skills. Unfortunately in the year of 2001 the company I was employed with had a major layoff of which I was a part of. This actually was a huge benefit for me because it allowed me to expand my skills tremendously. I took a 1 year contract position with a major company in the Farming Equipment Industry that exposed me to how large companies use their personnel. There was some good and some bad but overall the experience was satisfying. I then moved on to a company in the Aerospace Industry. This was a very exciting opportunity because this company was being completely restructured. I was hired on for two roles, Design Engineer and System Administrator for Engineering. Over the course of a few years we saw tremendous growth and ultimately I moved into the System Admin role exclusively.

At this point I decided that in order to properly do my job correctly I should learn some of the procedures and protocols that are required of someone in my position. I therefore requested the company to send me for additional schooling and by the end of 2005 I had completed my Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. Unfortunately after completing my degree the company decided that it was not cost effective to maintain our office facility and decided in 2006 to close the doors.

It was at this time I felt that it was a good idea to start my own business. I had been recommending solutions for individuals during my employment with other companies and even building computers for friends and family. So in 2006 is when it all began.

Why We Started This Company

There are two reasons for why this company was started. The first was pretty obvious, I was tired of giving years of service to a company just to turn around and have to start all over again somewhere else. The second was to help consumers better understand technology.

I have a story that I tell from time to time to explain why I do what I do. I was shopping at one of the Large Tech Stores when I overheard a conversation taking place between a costumer and a sales rep. The costumer was looking for a wireless router to replace her existing one. During the conversation she made it very clear that she was comfortable installing this on her own. However, the sales rep continuously kept insisting that she should purchase the Tech Stores Services that they offered and almost insinuated that she was not qualified to do this herself. He began throwing tech terms at her that quite honestly were not even necessary for her particular situation. By this point he had pretty much convinced her to purchase their services. Unfortunately stories like this I hear over and over again.

So I made the decision that in order to do business with individuals I would offer lower prices on services and quality products at a reasonable price as well. Most importantly we will never sell you anything you don't need and will let you know what your options are and then recommend the best solution for your situation.